Thank you for helping the McMinn Senior Activity Center. Your generosity will help us continue our vital work on behalf of the thousands of seniors who benefit from our services and provide freshly cooked meals, healthy, fun classes, and a "second home" for thousands of seniors in our community! 

Every day 10,000 Americans turn 65 years old and US Census Bureau statistics indicate that over the next fifteen years the over 65 population in expected to more than double from 35 million to 71 million. The demands of the ageing population and supportive programs like those offered at the McMinn Senior Activity Center will be in greater demand as the  needs in our community far outweigh available resources. We recognize our special obligation to the community now and in the future, and with your support the McMinn Senior Activity Center will be stronger than ever – and so will the people we endeavor to help.

There are several ways that you can help support the Senior Center and, in turn, help support McMinn County Seniors.

How to Help

​The McMinn Senior Activity Center relies on contless hours of volunteer hours from our dedicated Volunteers to make sure the Senior Center and our activities and programs a success.

​The McMinn Senior Activity Center greatly appreciates the various financial and product donations provided by individual, businesses, organizations and civic groups.